About Us

Robotic ArmSince 2006, Solid3 EnG has been hiring and training the finest robot programmers to provide on-site consultations and robot solutions to clients located throughout the United States. Our team has consistently, over the last decade, gone out into the field and successfully programmed robots to meet the needs of our customers. Even robots need to be taught what to do to achieve their optimized effect, and there are no better teachers than the robot programming specialists on our staff.

When it comes to teaching robots what to do, our team always leaves our clients very satisfied. We are able to teach the robots in your factory through a method that we call first commissioning. This is the process of uploading all of the programming code from simulation software into your robot, so that it functions exactly as you intended. Programming code that isn’t input correctly can end up throwing the precision of your machinery off, which means you are not getting the desired outcome. That can lead to disastrous results in both a financial and safety sense.

Keep your factories running smoothly with the help of the professionals at our robotics firm. We look forward to learning more about your robots and how you plan on using them, so that we can begin programming them to correctly handle the job they have been built to perform.