State-of-the-Art Robot Programming Services

Robot HandWhen you are in need of robot programming services, technical support, or on-site consulting services for the robots in your factory, then you need to call the specialists at Solid3 EnG. We provide an assortment of helpful robot solutions to companies located throughout North America, including OLP/PLC coordination services, first commissioning, and startup services.

Furthermore, we offer in-house training sessions for individuals to learn how to properly program and control different types of robotics. We gather candidates and give a free training session in a classroom with actual robots. Sharing knowledge and teaching those who want to learn our trade, is one of the unique aspects of our robotics firm.

The Best First Commissioning in the Business

The first commissioning services provided by our company are unique in that our team of specialists is well versed in programming. This allows us to write all of our programming in-house. Because of this, when your robot hits the production floor, half of the work is already done. Much of our robot programming work takes place in our building before it gets to the robots, which helps us to ensure you are getting the best results in a fraction of the time.

Robot Programming for Your Projects

Robot MotoManThe optimal integration of your robot into your application requires proper robot programming from our team of specialists. Our team is ready to program your robot, as well as teach your employees on the precise programming instruction necessary to get the results you are after from your new piece of impressive machinery.

OLP/PLC Coordination

Historically, robots have been taught manually using their teach pendant in a time-consuming process that can keep you from getting the productivity you want out of your machine. Our OLP/PLC coordination services, however, allow us to simulate how your robot will operate before it is on the actual plant floor. This allows us to make robot programming adjustments and have them installed into your robots while minimizing the amount of time it takes to ‘teach’ the adjustments to the robot.

Onsite Consulting for Your Company

Any questions or concerns you have about your robots and their programming can be addressed by our team of specialists. We are ready to come out to your factory and provide you with the guidance you need to get the most out of your machines. Furthermore, we can provide comprehensive robot solutions as needed when any issues crop up that need to be addressed by our team of trained and dedicated programmers.

Contact us when you are looking for state-of-the-art robot programming services. Our specialists work hard to provide cutting-edge first commissioning and startup services to clients located throughout North America.